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February 16 2020


Qarmatek Services Pvt Ltd

Qarmatek Services Pvt Ltd :- https://bit.ly/2SU5qhI :- QarmaTek™ is the service & repair partner your brand has been looking for. Find out more about us to make this partnership happen.

February 12 2020


February 11 2020

Antique Frame Restoration Salt Lake City

https://www.fineartconservationlab.com/ :- Restoring a vintage, historical frame can be a very important part of preserving the story and the value of your restored heirloom. Let's talk about your damaged art and frame. Call 805 564 3438 or faclofficemanager@gmail.com

February 10 2020


Explore Shopping at the Outlet Village Mall – Pixcom.Ae

A LED Digital Screen in your shop window surely allows you to create a high definition impact with your customers. With media facades becoming popular worldwide, Large LED indoor and outdoor Digital Signage is witnessing growing usage in the advertisement world and generating more attention in comparison to other medium of communications. Customized content, sound, and video are combined to give a clear and loud visual appeal.

A store that appears too noisy or cluttered can turn away customers but having LED screens are a great way to communicate and get your message across in the least intrusive and effective manner and will lessen the inflow of distracted and confused customers.

LED digital screen

Pixcom installed an attractive LED Screen at The Outlet Village Mall which is a home for more than 100 brands, designer labels & Stylish Chains. The Outlet Village by Meraas is the perfect destination for designer shopping at an affordable range. The LED Screen designed by Pixcom at The Outlet Mall is creating a high definition impact on the customers and help them in choosing the best brands that fit their style and needs.

Pixcom is known for its Premium LED Screens which can be used in the most creative manner to convey the right message to your audience.

For more details checkout also here :- http://pixcom.ae/explore-shopping-at-the-outlet-village-mall/


Explore Shopping at the Outlet Village Mall

Explore Shopping at the Outlet Village Mall :- http://pixcom.ae/explore-shopping-at-the-outlet-village-mall/ :- Pixcom installed an attractive LED Screen at The Outlet Village Mall which is a home for more than 100 brands, designer labels & Stylish Chains.

February 09 2020


Microwave Oven Repair in Ahmedabad India - Qarmatek

Microwave Oven Repair in Ahmedabad India - Qarmatek :- http://www.qarmatek.com/about :- Call Us Now +91 79 68200996 to Qarmatek.Com and get an easy solutions for Microwave Oven service center for your electronics component in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.

February 08 2020


Hemp Farm & Crop Insurance for Sale in Colorado

Hemp Farm & Crop Insurance for Sale in Colorado :- http://foundationsifs.com/hemp-insurance-colorado/ :- We feature hemp farm and crop insurance for sale in Colorado. If you have capitalized on the Farm Bill of 2018, and need protection for the loss of your crops, then call us at (303) 974-6983 for coverage today!

February 07 2020


Pixcom at Intersec 2020 - Digital Signage Solution provider in Dubai, UAE

Pixcom at Intersec 2020 - Digital Signage Solution provider in Dubai, UAE :- http://pixcom.ae/pixcom-at-intersec-2020/ :- Pixcom being the leader in Smart Solutions had the privilege of being a part of Intersec2020 as one of the official media partners with VisionLabs. We witnessed 34,854 people attending this event from almost 134 countries throughout the Globe.

February 06 2020


Pixcom at Intersec 2020 - Digital Signage Solution provider in UAE

The World’s Premier Trade Fair Event for Security, Safety & Fire Protection

Intersec presents over 1,300 exhibitors showcasing a truly comprehensive range of products across seven broad product sections each year: Commercial Security, Smart Home, Cyber Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health, Homeland Security & Policing, and Perimeter & Physical Security.

Pixcom being the leader in Smart Solutions had the privilege of being a part of Intersec2020 as one of the official media partners with VisionLabs. We witnessed 34,854 people attending this event from almost 134 countries throughout the Globe.

Intersec 2020

VisionLabs is a company that specializes in developing products and solutions in the areas of facial recognition, object recognition, augmented reality and virtual reality. The Regional Director of VisionLabs Mr. Kate Bhushan shared his vision on face recognition technologies and their influence on security standards. He says; “The main objective of VisionLabs being a part of Intersec is to spread their solutions and products as much as possible, which will help them reach their target audience. Customers were also given hands-on and Live Demo of the products VisionLabs offers and to get to know the solution in Depth.

Intersec 2020 was truly a successful show with more than 1,300+ exhibitors, engaging conferences led by Industry Experts, 7 show sections and the overall show covered 59,000sqm meter area. Overall, 96% of attendees were satisfied with their visit to the show and most of the visitors were involved in the purchasing decision.

UAE has always been a huge market for solution providers from every part of the globe. Trade Shows like these have always given a great platform for most of the companies to showcase their unique selling point in the most distinctive manner.

For more details also checkout here :- http://pixcom.ae/pixcom-at-intersec-2020/

February 05 2020


Bible Verses Love Another

Bible Verses Love Another :- https://perfectbibleverses.com/bible-verses-love-one-another/ :- Want help finding out what the Bible says about loving your neighbors? This website has a list of 62 verses that are all about how God wants us to love one another.

Reconditioned Emergency 3-Phase Transformer for Sale in Houston

Reconditioned Emergency 3-Phase Transformer for Sale in Houston :- https://hightolowvoltage.com/reconditioned-emergency-3-phase-transforme-houston/ :- We offer reconditioned, 3-phase and emergency electrical transformers for sale in the Houston, TX area. Some of our transformers include pad mount, pole mount, dry type and substation. Contact us at (866) 840-7634 today!

February 04 2020


Binary Options Strategy - How This SECRET Binary Options Chart Strategy Make Me Money

Binary Options Strategy - How This SECRET Binary Options Chart Strategy Make Me Money :- https://youtu.be/2AlL1P6Vmtw :- In this video we are going to go through one of the best binary options trading strategy that utilizes the Heikin Ashi chart. This system is perfect for binary options beginners that are just starting out and are looking for an easy way to start trading right away.

January 31 2020


LCD TV Repair in Ahmedabad – Qarmatek.Com

Wander around the park for information on how to repair flat-screen TVs such as LCD and plasma TVs. The information you may find can be confusing, and in some cases the price can be high. Therefore, I came up with the following tips to help those looking for information on TV repairs on the Internet to find free or low-cost information more efficiently, so that they don't have to spend a lot of time searching, but instead It costs learning to repair the LCD. And plasma TV.

These tips are more suitable for beginners who are looking for DIY TV repair tips, but experienced electronics technicians can also benefit from:

Dig deep

The top search engine results for search engines for search phrases usually point you to service store websites that charge for repair services and are therefore useless for those looking for DIY information. In my experience, the information you need is often buried deep in the search results page and somewhere in between. A good analogy is a good pot of old pork and beans. Most of the things you will harvest are beans. Pork is an occasional snack, but it is usually worth it.

lcd tv repair in ahmedabad

Ask some questions

There are many online forums about DIY TV repair. You can review them for help with the specific problem you are experiencing. It is easy to think of Answers.Yahoo.com and a good website, Qarmatek.Com. In addition, you will most likely need to wait hours, days, or even months to get the information you need. Most of us may not have time to wait. Also, if you do get an answer, it's usually best to borrow it from another reliable source. This route is very time consuming.

Pay the right information

Many sites are providing business information (ebooks, service manuals, videos). The sales service manuals I've seen so far cost. If you just want to lcd tv repair in Ahmedabad, Qarmatek.Com option for you-and only if you already know what you are doing and have sufficient experience in handling electronic equipment . Also, keep in mind that what you get from these sites are just service manuals and schematics, and in my experience these things look like calculus to a novice. However, some low-cost member sites provide beginner-friendly step-by-step instructions to help you decrypt any service or repair manuals you get. If you want to do the right thing and excel in this area, we strongly recommend that you use these sites.

Protect yourself

Doing a deep search in the search engine results pages may connect you to sites that may be of questionable nature. Some sites may try to harm your PC, so I recommend that you watch out for these sites and always update and run your antivirus and spyware programs.

Finding repair information for LCD TV Online Repair in Ahmedabad can be a meaningful thing, as it can have disastrous consequences and be expensive. I hope that with these tips you will be able to avoid any disaster and not spend more than you really need.

The author is a 10-year researcher and a believer who uses the Internet to learn new technical skills to benefit your business. He maintains a blog on how to repair TVs. It also contains specific information about where to find repair information on flat-screen LCD TVs. View in http://www.qarmatek.com/


Best Athletic Insoles and Cushioned Running Inserts in Denver, CO

Best Athletic Insoles and Cushioned Running Inserts in Denver, CO :- https://soletheoryco.com/running-shoe-inserts/ :- Buy top of the line athletic insoles and cushioned running inserts from our mobile Denver company. From roads to bridges to trails we offer you customized comfort for your shoes. Call us at (303) 981-3999 today!

January 29 2020


Silverbirch Cottage Loch Vic Australia

This booking is for the whole cottage only. Silverbirch Cottage is surrounded by beautiful scenery, overlooking the hills of Loch.

Come and enjoy our beautiful cottage with horse riding just 6 minutes away. Bring your horses and enjoy hours of riding. We have a paddock included in the stay and plenty of room for your floats. Enjoy our garden area to relax with friends. There is a bbq facilitie for your enjoyment. Decking around the cottage and a ramp for wheelchair access. 2 Rooms which can accommodate up to 5 people.


We have the garden room whic sleeps 3, and the balcony room with a newly renovated ensuite, a smart tv with Netflix and stan. Our kitchen is newly renovated with updated appliances. There is reverse cycle air-conditioning and a wood fire heater for those romantic evenings , tv with Netflix stan and a PlayStation 3 for the children to enjoy.. Plenty of parking on site. We are very pet friendly , so please you are welcome to bring your little furry friends with you. Visit the town of Loch with its cafe's, antique shops , brewery and much more.

Come to the Loch Village Food And Wine Festival which is on the Sunday of the Queens Birthday Weekend in June. We are only 300 meters from the well known Gippsland Wine Company which is a fantastic day out. We have garden festivals and much more. The lang lang and korumburra golf courses are only 10 minutes away from our cottage.


Visit the many wineries, the famous prom country cheese , markets and much more within 30 min of Loch. The beach is just a 35 minute drive and has an off leash dog area, and your only 40 minutes from the moto gp and supercars. So come and stay at our beautiful cottage, relax or head out to see what south gippsland has to offer.

For more details checkout also here :- http://silverbirchcottageloch.com/


Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery Denver, CO

Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery Denver, CO :- https://www.neustarlocaleze.biz/directory/us/co/englewood/80112/schmidt-facial-plastic-surgery/890170054/ :- Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face. He is double-board certified with hundreds and hundreds of happy patients. Dr. Schmidt specializes in facelift, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery as well as all popular non-invasive procedures including Botox, laser procedures and for the men, hair restoration.

January 28 2020


Santa Barbara Mission’s Long Lost Original 1786 Spanish Colonial Backdrop Found and its art restoration

Santa Barbara Mission’s Discovery Of It’s Long Lost Original 1786 Main Chapel Spanish Colonial Backdrop and its art preservation, restoration and conservation

Perhaps California’s oldest, most important artistic historic treasure has been found with great excitement this last year. This is an interesting historic preservation story of earthquake destruction, bizarre reuse, forgotten purgatory, rediscovery and restoration to grace. Read ahead for the odd story about what happened to this important element of the church.


1875 painting (done in site) of the Santa Barbara mission by Henry Chapman Ford


Background and Use Efforts are now underway for the art restoration of the very important historic and exciting decorative element of the original 1786 mission that was rediscovered rolled up and unrecognizable in storage. It was a type of theater curtain at the front of the chapel to give depth and design to the otherwise flat front chapel wall. Noted as “The Lienzo” (Spanish for “canvas” but, in ethnohistory, a lienzo is a sheet of cloth painted with indigenous creativity) by the Franciscan archive, it depicts the architecture of a more formal church with Catholic saints, probably painted with indigenous help.

What a treasure, an original design element and an important part of the original historical Santa Barbara Mission Chapel of great importance also to the history of California!! Cudos to Executive Director Monica Orozco and her team for finding and saving the treasured art feature.


The Santa Barbara Mission by Henry Chapman Ford

The original Santa Barbara Mission is a Franciscan order Spanish mission founded by Padre Fermín Lasuén on December 4, 1786, the feast day of Saint Barbara. It was the tenth California mission completed.

Father Fermín Lasuén, took over the presidency of the California mission chain upon the death of Father Junípero Serra.

Earthquake Damage

The early missionaries in Santa Barbara built three different chapels during the first few years, each larger than the previous one. But, it seems that the early padres were more enthusiastic about the ideas of building than their architectural and structural education was complete. The 1786 adobe mission structure was badly damaged in the 1812 earthquake. In fact, their overzealous construction attempts in San Juan Capistrano, the 7th CA mission

completed, were never completely remedied in the main church and the earthquake damaged vaulted apse still remains, today, open to the sky and never rebuilt after several tries to get it right.

It was only after the Santa Barbara earthquake on December 21, 1812, that the construction on the current SB Mission, as we see it today, was begun. It was completed and then rededicated in 1820.

Another earthquake about 90 years later in 1925 inflicted serious damage to the towers, the façade and the chapel which were subsequently rebuilt by 1927 but the appearance of the inside of the church has not been altered significantly since 1820 (though rebuilt).


1925 Earthquake Damage on Old Mission Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Mission Museum Emeritus, Kristina Foss suggested, “(The lienzo) may be from the earlier church as the canvas greyed-blue color matches that of the canvas covered altar of 1789. They seem to me to be a set. It was also, apparently, part of the 1820 rebuild design.”

Disaster struck in 1925 with the earthquake that resulted in massive damage to the building and resulted in the lienzo being badly damaged. So what happened afterwards to this important architectural and artistic component of the chapel?


This sweet cherub is from of the original Santa Barbara Mission lienzo made about 1790.

Bizarre Re-use and Forgotten Status

After removal from the church in 1925, several seminarians, unaware of the importance of the now 150 year old historical architectural element, used part of the canvas for a boat sail! The story goes that the boat promptly sank and those sections of the lienzo were lost.

The remaining sections of the rolled up, crushed antique backdrop were then left in storage. When the archive was built, these were placed in the present basement in which they, over the decades, were frequently moved around as Facilities revamped space use from time to time.

Here is a good “take-away” lesson or idea from this story if you are involved with managing a collection of artwork

When something is in bad condition, you may not need to do a complete restoration all at once. For minimal money, perhaps, the item may be stabilized only, saving the total restoration for later when funds are available. Here is what happened next on this project:

A couple of years ago, SBMAL Executive Director Monica Orozco contacted Fine Art Conservation Laboratories to assist in planning the preservation process required for the important artifact. Given the extensive flaking of paint, the many cracks, rips and missing pieces, it was agreed upon to do only emergency services at first to stabilize the condition. In fact, all 5 of the sections of the entire Lienzo were consolidated for only $1,000.00 and then stored in a protective way for secured handling.


Unrolling the Lienzo for examination after “the find.”

Future Plans for the Historic SB Mission Lienzo

Since what remains of the original Lienzo cannot be exhibited in its complete form for many reasons, each of the 5 sections will be preserved and restored in different intervals for use in smaller chapels and venues instead of being placed at the head of the main chapel.

Plans are underway now to place the first section of the Lienzo to be treated together with an original 1785 alter in a small chapel next to the museum. The others sections will be stored safely for future considerations. More to come on this set up.

Mission Santa Barbara is the only mission to remain under the leadership of the Franciscan Friars of California since its founding.

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories is honored to be part of this historic preservation work.

There are a total of five panels in need of conservation, costing close to

$100,000 for the entire project. We are focusing on one panel at a time to make the project manageable and we are currently $3,000 away from raising the funds for the panel that will be installed in the museum to be on display with the original Mission church altar.


If interested in supporting this project, donate today

at https://www.santabarbaramission.org/online-donation/ and select the Lienzo Conservation Project in the drop down.

Contributions can also be sent to (and make the check out to) “Old Mission Santa Barbara” at 2201 Laguna Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. You may also contribute with a credit card by calling (805) 682-4713.

See more about art conservation efforts at https://www.sbmal.org/conservation

Contact Info


805 564 3438 office

805 570 4140 Scott’s mobile

Scott M. Haskins, President FACL, Inc.

Head of Conservation

Art Conservator (Practicing since 1975)

Gena Dillon, Office Manager and Logistics

Andrew Jacobs, Disaster Response Services Coordinator

Virginia Panizzon, Art Conservator (Practicing since 1995)

Oriana Montemurro, Art Conservator (Practicing since 1999)

Danielle Masters, Conservation Technician, Preparator and Framing, Disaster Response Services

Denver Dillon, Technician Blog post:

https://www.fineartconservationlab.com/murals/santa-barbara-missions- original-1786-lienzo-discovered-lost-in-storage/


Santa Barbara Mission by Henry Chapman Ford abut 1875. “The Queen of the Missions” has been a favorite of travelers, artists and tourists since the end fo the 1800s.

Parler - Brayliin

Brayliin is a Belgium - Dubai based pop singer mixing urban & Afrobeat sounds, mostly known for the underground hit single Parler. In Winter 2020 she released new single Parler through record label disruptor AHS Records. Parler is the 1st hit from Brayliin which is followed up by a collection of new music appealing to all fans from all backgrounds.

Social Media

January 27 2020


Avaya PBX System & IP Office 500 V2 in Dubai UAE - Pixcom.Ae

Avaya PBX System & IP Office 500 V2 in Dubai UAE - Pixcom.Ae :- http://pixcom.ae/manufacturing/#largestructure :- Get an easy avaya pbx system and ip office 500 v2 in Dubai, UAE. Avaya IP Office 500 V2 PBX System is the most recent control unit for the Avaya IP Office Platform and supports IP Office.
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